22 May. 2019


Problem: Hard, Rough, cracked, and peeling cuticles caused by excessive dryness.


This is a unique blend of oils that will help condition and rejuvenate dry and damaged cuticles. With periodic application, this cuticle oil will help lubricate and seal the skins necessary moisture to help prevent cracking and peeling.

REVITALIZE is formulated with key ingredients such as cannabis sativa seed oil and safflower oil. Cannabis sativa seed oil helps to enhance skin texture and appearance as well as repair and revive even the driest skin around the nails. It will also help to decrease redness and any inflammation in the affected areas.

Although it’s known that safflower oil has numerous health benefits, its cosmetic benefits are our favorite. One being, it helps soften dry and rough cuticles while deeply penetrating the skin. Oh, and this oil also has skin healing and restorative properties!

Application: Apply generously at least twice a day, morning and night. Continue use as needed.

For more information and/or samples of this product, please contact sales at marketing@kirkerent.com

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